Making a Difference

We appreciate all the feedback from our parents and alumni!


Sending our two children to Epiphany Catholic School was the best decision we made as parents.
Epiphany Catholic School taught them respect, problem solving skills, how to be great critical thinkers,
communicators and leaders. They went on to take honors and advanced placement classes in high
school and assume student leadership roles as a result of the academics and faith they received.
Epiphany will always be a part of our family and we will always be grateful for helping our children to
become who they are today.

- Barbara and Eduardo Florez, parents of alumni, Camille and Ito Florez

We would highly recommend Epiphany! The education was superb and the teachers were
compassionate, kind, and educated. The principal was involved at all times. All our needs were met. It
prepared our children for SFCA, instilled great study habits, reinforced outstanding moral values, and
fostered community involvement.

- Peggy and John Craig, parents of alumni, Annabelle and John Craig

Students who attend Epiphany Catholic School, through the dedication and professionalism of its
teachers and staff, are prepared both academically, spiritually, and emotionally for a successful high
school experience including honors and Advanced Placement courses. The students are encouraged and
challenged to reach their full potential. As a grandmother of two former students, one with autism and
the other Type 1 diabetes, I was grateful for the care and patience extended to not only my
grandchildren, but to all students regardless of their strengths and abilities. Epiphany teachers and staff
are catalysts that enable young minds to grow and learn and succeed.

- Barbara Hollingsworth, grandmother of two alumni, Zane and Hannah Hollingsworth

We made the decision to send our four children to Epiphany Catholic School because we
wanted to ensure that they had the best educational foundation and just as important, a faith
foundation, that would equip them for their futures.  We are glad we made the investment in
Epiphany, it supported our family in our educational and faith goals for our children.  Epiphany
brought out the best in each of our boys and allowed them to be successful in high school and

- Suzanne and Guy Norris, parents of four alumni, Paul, James, John and William Norris

A great place to start your future. There’s no other school that can give you such opportunities
and great memories. An educational and spiritual journey!

- John Craig, alumni

Epiphany Catholic School provided me with the essentials of education by instituting the skills
and assets of assiduousness, citizenship, leadership, and confidence which are characteristics
that I uphold today. Epiphany not only was my foundation for academic success but also was a
seed for my faith.

- Annabelle Craig, alumni

Our children were students at Epiphany Catholic School continuously over the course of 16 years,
from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Our daughter is currently a senior at The University of Florida, and
our son is a Freshman at St. Francis Catholic Academy. Epiphany’s excellent academics and its promotion
of a strong work ethic in an atmosphere of love and respect gave our children the perfect platform to
achieve their academic goals, and dream greatly. We are so appreciative of Epiphany Catholic School.

 - Jordan and Bonnie Green, parents of alumni, Liam and Lane Green

I attended Epiphany Catholic School from kindergarten through eighth grade. Epiphany instilled and
inspired in me the faith foundation and how important faith is to have, and how the Church is the
building block of the faith. The caring and nurturing that I received in my academic and religious
teachings at Epiphany have carried me through to my adult life. Being a student back then, to now being
the first grade teacher at Epiphany, I can carry on the virtues and the faith that I learned to my students,
and I am so blessed to be able to share the Catholic traditions and faith with them today.

- Mikala Edenfield, alumni and current first grade teacher

We are so thankful Joel had the opportunity to attend Epiphany. We loved the individual
attention, small class sizes and direct access to teachers and administrators. We found the
smaller environment made it easier to resolve problems when they occurred. Having
transitioned from public school in the second grade, we found the fact that Epiphany still has
recess to be a big boost to our son’s ability to learn and focus throughout the day. This was also
great way for him to stay healthy and socialize with our students. Although we are not
Catholic, we appreciated that our son was taught religion and values consistent with our own
religion and beliefs. It was a true blessing that in difficult times, our school was not restricted
from praying. Joel received an outstanding education and was able to easily transition into high
school Advanced Placement and Honors courses. He remains in the top of his class now as a
Sophomore at Saint Francis Catholic Academy. We will never regret the decision to have
moved him from public school to Epiphany as it was surely a critical turning point for his future.

- Bruce and Jenny Drawdy, parents of alumni, Joel Drawdy

Epiphany Catholic School provided me with lifelong friends and memories that I will cherish! It’s
given us a bond that can never be broken. It helped shaped me into the adult I am today.

- Camille Florez, alumni

We chose Epiphany Catholic School for our children's education because we firmly believe that
God is the foundation in everything. We also believe in the mission and caliber of education
that Epiphany has to offer. Our children have benefitted greatly through their
accomplishments both in and out of the classroom. They have grown to become amazing,
faithful, loving human beings. Thank you, Epiphany!

- John and Joann Kasak, parents of alumni, Ryan and Lindsey Kasak
I have many great memories from Epiphany, from Kindergarten all the way to Eighth grade. The
teachers, nuns and priests all helped to make me who I am today. I was able to graduate High
School with honors and also graduate from FSU with a degree in Business. I am also very
grateful that my parents chose Epiphany Catholic for my education. But most of all, I want to
thank God! He has given me so many blessings.

- Ryan Kasak, alumni

I am glad I went to Epiphany Catholic School because it really prepared me for high school. I am
getting straight A's and know how to study and manage my time. You are expected to do your
best and the smaller class sizes are nice because you get more of the teacher's attention. I like
being able to pray in school too! My parents were very pleased with the overall environment
for me. 

- Lindsey Kasak, alumni

As a small family we always envisioned a Catholic education for our child. As we approached
Epiphany Catholic School with the uncertainty of the unknown, we prayed and left it in God’s
hands. With a child who needed more than most, Epiphany was a safe haven with love care and
excellent academics. Christopher who is now in high school is growing up to be a kind,
hardworking, caring, strong and faith filled young man and we attribute part of the person he is
becoming to the foundation that Epiphany Catholic School provided for him, and for that we
are forever grateful. This drives me to work every day to help provide the same experience to
as many children as possible.

- Sonia Romero, REI Madrina and translator, parent of alumni, Christopher Romero