The Pastor's Corner (Jan. 6, 2023)

The Pastor's Corner

By Fr. Bob Hoffman

January 8 is The Epiphany of the Lord. It is the feast day of our parish and school. It gives us our identity. And we should embrace that identity and live out the Epiphany in our lives.

The word “epiphany” is defined as a manifestation of a divine being. We celebrate that Jesus Christ, God Incarnate, was made known to the three magi who came from a distant land to do him homage. 

The magi, or the wise men, were given the grace of knowing that this was the newborn king of the Jews. Similarly, the shepherds had the Savior’s birth announced by an angel. And Simeon was given the grace to know that Jesus was the Messiah when he was presented by Joseph and Mary in the Temple.

We too are given the grace to know that Jesus is our Savior. The Messiah has come. We have the Gospels, the witness of the Apostles, and the Tradition and teaching of the Church. It is a real privilege to live in this time.

However, with that privilege comes a certain responsibility. We cannot keep the Good News of Jesus Christ to ourselves. We must share it with others. We must meet them with Christian charity wherever they are in their faith journey. We must help them by sharing the Good News and our experience of Jesus Christ. We do that as part of our accompanying them to where God calls them to be. 

To be people of Epiphany, we show gratitude for the revelation of Jesus Christ to us. And we work to make him known to others.