The Pastor's Corner (August 11, 2023)

The Pastor's Corner

by Fr. Bob Hoffman


As we begin an exciting school year, I feel obligated to return to some basic Catholic teaching that helps define the role of our Catholic school.

The Catholic Church teaches that parents have primary responsibility for the education and faith formation of their children. However, it is not expected that parents are necessarily expert educators or trained faith formators. So, parents are encouraged to turn to others for help. That is the role that our Catholic school plays. 

Parents make the decision to place their children in our school because what we teach and how we share the faith is something that they want for their children. 

And we strive to make the experience that children (and parents) have of our school to be extraordinary.

To fully realize the potential for the children, the parents and school need to work together. Parents need to view the school as collaborators and partners in the education and formation of their children. If parents see the school as a service provider with whom they contract to provide a service, this potential will not be realized. If they see their relationship to the school as a customer purchasing a service (albeit with state scholarship money), the children will not have the optimal experience that we all want for them.

So be a partner to the school. And continue to ask us to be a partner to you. Volunteer your time. Do not just send your child to school here. Be a part of a school community. 

In the end, your child will benefit from your approach.