The Pastor's Corner

The Pastor's Corner

by Fr. Bob Hoffman

Epiphany Catholic Church is firmly committed to the success of Epiphany Catholic School.

We certainly believe in the value of Catholic education. We trace the roots of Catholic elementary education in this country all the way back to Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton and her original school that was started in 1810. The descendant of that school still exists today as Mother Seton School in Emmitsburg, MD. My own mother taught at Mother Seton school and later volunteered to provide enrichment activities.

Catholic education helps to form Catholic students in the Catholic faith. Catholic schools help Catholic students be able to “always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope…(1 Peter 3:15)” Of course, this hope is grounded in our faith. So, Catholic schools provide Catholic students with an intellectual basis for the faith and with an experience of the faith.

Catholic education has a long history of educating non-Catholic students. Catholic schools have historically provided a safer environment in which a greater sense of values and discipline can be instilled in all students, regardless of their faith denomination. They have often provided an avenue for disadvantaged students to access greater opportunities. They also help all students to cultivate a greater relationship with Jesus Christ.

The importance of Catholic education to our parish is evident in the support that we provide to the school. In just the last couple of years, the parish has funded: a new roof for the school, a new playground, new windows, exterior painting, a new sign, and fence screening. We have made the parish hall available to the school as a cafeteria and auditorium. We have even funded equipment and electrical work to support the new lunch program. Not to mention significant financial support most years to cover school operating deficits.

Not every parish supports their school to the extent that we do. 

Not every pastor supports their school to the extent that I do. However, for both the parish and myself, the school is well worth it.