Pastor's Corner (Aug. 26, 2022)

The Pastor's Corner 

by Fr. Bob Hoffman

In our school, we strive to live out the teachings of Catholic Social Doctrine. One of the basic principles of this doctrine is the “common good.” It helps us discern how to handle those situations where one individual is adversely affecting the good of one or more others.

The Church says that “the common good indicates ‘the sum total of social conditions which allow people, either as groups or as individuals, to reach their fulfilment more fully and more easily.’”  However, “the common good does not consist in the simple sum of the particular goods of each subject of a social entity.” It is common because it cannot be divided but can only be attained together (in common). “The common good, in fact, can be understood as the social and community dimension of the moral good.”

One aspect of the partnership between the school and parents for the good of the children is the need to consider both the individual good of an individual child and the common good of all students in the school. We want to maximize both at the same time. We need to maximize both at the same time to the extent possible.

And please always remember that the good of your child includes both their faith formation and their academic education. We want all our students to succeed in this life. More importantly, we want them to develop a deeper relationship with God because of their time here.