Pastor's Corner (12/17/21)

The Greatest Gift
God became man. God the Son took on human form for our sake. God is perfect. God is infinite. God needs nothing. But God is also infinite love. This love led to creation. And when the world went away because of sin, God the Son entered our world that we might be saved.
This saving act, which reaches its conclusion with the Passion, death, and Resurrection of Jesus at Easter, first becomes visible to the world at Christmas. Jesus Christ did this for us. 
He shows us the depths of his love for us in doing this. 
This is the greatest gift ever.
The gift of our very existence is certainly significant. That alone should drive us to give everything back to God out of gratitude for what he has given us.
But it gets better. 
In coming into our world to save it, Jesus Christ unlocks the gates of heaven through his Resurrection and opens the possibility of eternal life. This is what we are offered. While life in this world is wonderful, it pales next to what awaits us in the next. But this promise is a gift that we must accept. We can choose to reject it. We can live life as though it was never even offered.
But why would we want to do that?
If the Incarnation really happened…if Jesus really was born to a Virgin as one of us…should that do more than just affect us? Should it not change everything?