Pastor's Corner (11/5/21)

Warmth in the Home
Today, we are too focused on all that we must get done. We have become slaves of our own to-do lists. We overlook the value of each human encounter. We fail to be fully present to those people that we meet.
It is a real danger in the home with our own families. Smartphones and remote access mean that we can be working almost every waking hour. Bosses come to expect near instantaneous response to every communication.
In our efforts to keep up a crazy pace, we fail to slow down for those around us. We do not take time for our family members. Family meals fall by the wayside. And real communication becomes infrequent.
Our families, and especially our children, need to feel a sense of warmth in our presence. They need to know the unconditional love that only parents can provide. It is not that their every action will be condoned. Some certainly need to be corrected. However, children need to know warmth from their parents.
And they also need to know that this warmth is rooted in the faith of their parents. Parents need to be models of the faith for their children, but children are most likely to retain their faith as adults if they sense warmth in the home that they know comes from the faith of their parents. So, slow down a little. Take time for your family. And show them the warmth that you know is already in your heart for them.  
Fr. Bob Hoffman