Pastor's Corner (11/19/21)

Fr. Bob Hoffman
Merriam Webster defines gratitude as a feeling of appreciation or thanks. But such a feeling of thanks is incomplete without someone to whom we give thanks. As we look forward to Thanksgiving, we should not only be mindful of those things for which we give thanks. We should be mindful of the one to whom we give thanks.
We give thanks for our own very existence. We give thanks for our families. We give thanks for talents that we have been given. And we give thanks for the needs that have been met.
All of these people and things for which we give thanks are ultimately due to God. While we might thank other people for some things, we must give thanks to God for everything that we have been given.  In fact, this “attitude of gratitude” can be the basis for our faith. We respond to God in gratitude for all that he has given us.
Looking through the eyes of faith, we see even more for which we give thanks. We give thanks for all of creation. We give thanks for the debt that he paid for us – one that we could not possibly repay ourselves. Jesus died for our sins. And his Resurrection opened the gates of heaven for us. Our Savior offers us the promise of eternal life. And he gives us graces throughout this life that help us to live it better.
This Thanksgiving, may we always remember to give thanks. And may we always remember to whom we give the most thanks.