Pastor's Corner (10/08/21)

In God We Trust?
God asks us to trust. But most of us struggle to do that fully. We live our lives trying to be in control. We want what we want. But God wants us to want what he wants. He wants us to do his will.
And yet, we often pray for what we want. We seldom pray for help in discerning and doing what God wants.
I suspect it is because we do not trust God. We do not trust that God wants what is best for us. We do not trust that God’s will leads to our highest flourishing. We think that, if we submit to God’s will, we will somehow lose. 
But we only see part of the picture. God sees everything. God knows what we need better than we can ever know. We need to trust in that. We need to be willing to go where God takes us. Can we trust the past to his mercy and the future to his providence? 
As your children mature, they will make choices about their future. I try to help them to see that whatever God has planned is the best path to take. It is what is best for them. And God will help them along that path.
I encourage you to also trust God’s plans for each of you. Pray that you can be given the grace to better see those plans so that you can better follow them.
By Fr. Bob Hoffman