Pastor's Corner (1/28/22)

Faith in the Home
One study found that the most significant factor determining whether children kept the faith as adults was whether the children felt a sense of warmth in the home that they attributed to the faith of their parents.
We need our faith. First and foremost, it is essential for the path that leads to eternal life.
Second, it also helps us in this life. Not that suffering disappears because we have faith. Rather, suffering becomes easier to bear because of our faith. Our faith gives us hope that points us beyond our current suffering because of the promises that we have been given by Jesus. And, as we bear our burden, we know that Jesus bears it with us.
Our faith also helps us respond to adversity better. When God is our priority, the events of this life become less important. We still work hard in this life. But, when things do not turn out like we originally hoped, we trust that God has a reason for that. And we move on with our life.
Finally, there is a sense of peace and joy that comes from our Christian faith. That peace and joy permeates our home life. All around us sense it. And all around us appreciate it.
Children need to feel warmth in the home. They benefit from a home that is more peaceful and more joyful because it is more faithful. I encourage all of you to make your home be such an environment for your whole family.