Pastor's Corner (06/03/22)

The Pastor's Corner
by Fr. Bob Hoffman
Summer is the time for vacations for most people. But we should not let our faith take a vacation. Instead, our faith should be an integral part of our vacation.
When we travel, it can be a great opportunity to experience other churches. Particularly further north, there are some beautiful old Catholic churches. Here in our diocese, many of our students have had the opportunity to visit the Shrine of Our Lady of the La Leche and the Cathedral in Saint Augustine. But almost every part of this country has a special Catholic pilgrimage site. And today, it only takes a simple Internet search to find out about them.
For those that are Catholic, one of the best parts of our faith is that we can go to Mass anywhere in the world. The website (and the associated app) www.masstimes.org can help us find the nearest Catholic church. Given that the information is user-provided, I always encourage people to check the Mass times against the parish website for that church. It is always possible that the parish changed a Mass time, and that change is not yet reflected on the masstimes.org website.
One of the most amazing experiences that I have ever had at Mass was at a daily Mass at the Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City. I was in town for some railroad meetings. I had no idea that the Cathedral had a choir school for girls there. And I had no idea that they would be singing at that Mass. It was the most beautiful Mass that I have experienced. And all because I was just trying to sneak in a daily Mass at the church that masstimes.org said was the nearest to my hotel with a Mass at a time that I could attend.