Pastor's Corner (04/29/22)

Pastor's Corner
by Fr. Bob Hoffman
When we think of God, we should always think of God’s mercy. God can be a just judge, but he really wants to share his mercy with us. We need to think of God with reverence. But we must also be mindful of God’s mercy.
God wants to share this mercy with us. But we must ask for it. And we must show mercy toward others. But we will not go to God for mercy if we do not trust God.
We might have trust issues because of things that we had to face while growing up. Those closest to us might not have been trustworthy. But we must know that God is trustworthy. Completely so. And so, we must trust in God. We must trust in what God has planned. And we must trust in God’s ultimate protection.
In our own families, we must be trustworthy ourselves. Others must be able to trust us. The children in our families will struggle to trust God if they do not first know of an adult that they can trust. If they cannot learn to trust within the family, they will live their lives focused on themselves because they will feel that they must watch out for themselves…because no one else can be trusted to do so.
God loves us greatly. May we always reflect that love in our interactions with others. And may that love for others manifest itself in the mercy that we show toward others. And may those others come to know God’s love and mercy because of the love and mercy that they see exhibited by us.