Pastor's Corner (04/08/22)

Pastor's Corner
by Fr. Bob Hoffman
Holy Week is the week from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. It commemorates the events of Jesus beginning with his last entry into Jerusalem. It includes the Last Supper, his death, and the Resurrection. 
Christmas is a very important celebration for us. But Easter is more important. If the Resurrection did not happen, our faith would be in vain. 
Jesus’ death on the cross redeems us. It makes us right with God. It repays a debt for our sins that we ourselves could not possibly repay. 
His Resurrection opens the gates of heaven. The holy ones of old, the heroes of the Old Testament, were eagerly awaiting this opening. 
God takes on human nature to come and die for our redemption. Do we ever think about the significance of this event? Or do the details and daily struggles of our lives distract us from this? We can become too self-absorbed to fully appreciate the magnificence of the events of Holy Week. 
What we celebrate during Holy Week changes humanity. It should change us too. While we cannot repay Christ for this gift, we should want to offer something in return. Not something trivial. But something very significant. We should offer ourselves back to him.
Share the events of Holy Week with your family. Participate in the various events at church that commemorate it. Do not make it just another few days of vacation. It is far, far more than that.