From the Principal's Desk (October 20, 2023)

From the Principal's Desk

Dear Parents and Families,

Yesterday, Fr. Bob spoke to all of us about what it means to "do the right thing". He explained that the apostles and the other followers of Jesus were called to go out and proclaim the Word of God. While they were welcomed by some, others did not welcome them in. Fr. Bob talked about how we too must answer God's call and do what is right and just. We must be open to listening and hearing God's call to action.

In the middle school classes on Thursday, Fr. Bob talked about vocations. Some of us he explained are called to priesthood or religious life, others to marriage or single life. Whatever God's call for us he explained, we should be open to developing a relationship with God and developing the gifts and talents he has bestowed upon us in service to God and others.

Today, your student received his/her report card. This marks the end of the first quarter of the school year. While many have much to celebrate in their pursuit of knowledge, and have grades demonstrating their hard work, this document also shows each student, ways in which they can build upon skills, and possibly work on areas that are challenging for them. I continue to emphasize with all of the students the importance of reading daily, and knowing one's basic math facts in all grade levels. THESE along with their faith, are the building blocks from which all other concepts and applications are derived. Please continue to work with us to support and develop these skills at home so that we can continue to help our student's reach the level of understanding and achievement to which each is capable of.

Have a wonderful weekend. It has been such a great joy having some cooler temperatures and less humidity to which to enjoy our Florida fall. I hope to see everyone next Friday night for our annual Trunk and Treat.

Yours In Christ,

Rita M. Klenk