From the Principal's Desk (October 13, 2023)

From the Principal's Desk

Dear Parents and Families,

Yesterday at Mass, Fr. Bob spoke to the students about how God calls us to pray with persistence. We all find ourselves praying for a multitude of situations and for the well being of others; God bestows upon us what he thinks is best, not necessarily what we may want. Fr. Bob explained that our prayers should include "What is your will for me, Lord?"

As our students learn to adapt to new and different situations in their own learning process and to come to understand that we must respect that those around us may not always excel in the same areas or share the same gifts, talents, and opinions, everyone takes steps towards growing in how they love and serve God and others.

Last night, it was so wonderful to see the smiling faces of our parents, grandparents and students at our October Family STREAM Night. Seeing everyone trying new things, laughing, talking, and munching on snacks meant a FANTASTIC time for all!

Thank you to Ms. Baughman and all the teachers for making these special nights possible and for all of the families who brought treats and came to join in all of the fun.

Have a great weekend.

Yours In Christ,

Rita M. Klenk