From the Principal's Desk (November 17, 2023)

From the Principal's Desk

Dear Parents and Families,

We have been so busy in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving break! The students have been working on class service projects, STREAM activities, holiday themed learning experiences, Science Fair projects, just to name some of the many interactive hours spent daily.

We have been talking and teaching the students about our school's mission statement and what it means for each of us. We talk about and discuss ways in which each of us are called to be students in our continuous learning community and how we can help each other to learn and grow. We speak about what it means to be a leader, standing up for what is right and just, and our call to be disciples of Christ in how we love and serve God and one another. Lastly, our call to sainthood comes from learning about the lives of those who loved and followed God and our desire to do what God asks of us, faithfully, and wholeheartedly.

As you prepare in the week ahead to "break bread' with family and friends, may your time spent together allow for the opportunity to talk, share, play games, enjoy great food, and most of all to give thanks to God for life, faith, love for each other, and his unending capacity to always love us.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yours In Christ,

Rita M. Klenk