From the Principal's Desk (Nov. 4, 2022)

Dear Parents,

This week we celebrated All Saints Day with Mass on Tuesday. This is considered a Holy Day of Obligation in the Catholic Church. We had students in each grade level dress up as their classroom saint, and we heard about their lives in a Live Saints presentation after Mass. Fr. Bob spoke in his homily about how each one of us is called to be a saint. That each of us, including the saints themselves are not and were not perfect, but we can always strive to live our lives loving and serving God. Fr. also asked the children who their heroes were in their lives. Most of them said their parents, grandparents, Jesus, God and Mary. It was touching to hear and a testimony to all of you. Clearly, even when we may not be sure of the impact we have in our children's lives in the day to day running around and keeping schedules, they truly love and value their relationship with you and God.

On Wednesday, we celebrated All Souls Day in the Catholic Church. While this is not a Holy Day of Obligation, it is an opportunity to remember our loved ones. Our continued prayers for them not only keep us close to them in our thoughts and memories but also, helps them to enter into the Kingdom of God.

I thank all of you who were able to attend our Parent Night. I hope that not only did it give you a chance to visit your student's classroom and teacher(s), but also, an opportunity to meet and speak with other parents in your child's class.

Have a great weekend. Remember to turn back your clocks at bedtime on Saturday,(or at least remember that time will go back an hour at 2am on Sunday on your mobile devices) as it is Daylight Savings Time.

Yours In Christ,

Rita M. Klenk