From the Principal's Desk (May 19, 2023)

From the Principal's Desk


Dear Parents,

This week I spent some time in the kindergarten and first grade classrooms. I read aloud a few books I brought with me. They were: Sit,Stay,Love: Life Lessons from a Doggie, God's Gifts, Gratitude for His Creations, and Seasons of Life, Our Walk with Christ. We chatted about the role God plays in each of our lives and how important it is for us to build a relationship with God and with others. I explained that this was exactly what Fr. Bob was talking about in his homily this week. He talked about how we choose to treat each other and how it is especially important that we take the time to get to know and care for each other, versus going to social media and the internet to compare ourselves to others and to forget to spend in person time with our friends, family, and those we are called to help and love.

I asked Kindergarten if they were ready to move up to the "big building" so we could make room for our new kindergartners. They 100% said "YES!". I asked them about the drawings they had created on their Masterpieces Wall. They told me they were of "Nerdy Birdy" and "Rosie Revere, the Engineer". I asked them who/what they were. They explained that Nerdy Birdy was very smart and that Rosie was a person who wanted to be an engineer. She worked really hard, and kept trying, even when she made mistakes. She learned that working through a problem was the best way to succeed. We (they and I) agreed that they themselves were like Nerdy Birdy and Rosie and that they were ready for whatever comes next in first grade! As we gear up school wide to show off our great inventions at our 2nd Annual Invention Convention on Tuesday, I look forward to seeing the next best ideas for our future...maybe even SharK Tank worthy.

Have a fantastic weekend. We have just a couple of weeks left before you and your family begin to enjoy summer break.

Yours In Christ,

Rita M. Klenk