From the Principal's Desk (3/11/22)

Dear Parents,
There is something to be said about the satisfaction one experiences when completing any given task or project! This week we completed the Terranova makeup testing and successfully sent the tests out for scoring. Additionally, we completed the third marking quarter.
Yesterday, we enjoyed the many projects that were showcased by our students at the History Fair. It is wonderful to see the time, care and creativity put into the students' work and the fellowship that the younger students enjoyed with the older ones! The Kindergartners compared the stats on Abraham Lincoln and Fr. Bob to see who was taller.
Add to it a "bonus day" of sorts with today off as a discretionary day, due to no inclement weather days and a teacher professional development day on Monday.
Sometimes it is just the simple things that bring such enjoyment and laughter to our lives. We must take time to enjoy these moments, planned or otherwise, as time has a way of moving forward whether we would like it to or not. This Sunday, our clocks "spring forward" an hour and the days begin to stay lighter longer. The fourth quarter is sure to bring much excitement as we wrap up the 2021-2022 school year.
Yours In Christ,
Rita M. Klenk