From the Principal's Desk (2/11/22)

Dear Parents,
When it comes to prayer, I have a set of prayers that I pray daily. Some were learned as a small child, such as the Our Father and Hail Mary, others were learned as an adult. Some of my prayers are novenas to different saints. I also have a number of sources where I read daily scripture and devotionals. One such book is called, Amazing Possibilities, 365 Days of Inspiration, by Matthew Kelly. Some days' readings are more inspirational for me than others. Yesterday's reading included the following: "It is our own thoughts, words, and actions that are at the epicenter of our circle of influence. The further we get away from them, worrying about what other people are thinking, and saying or doing, the weaker our influence and impact becomes. Focus on affecting what you can affect and you will have the most effect. It all starts with you." I feel like I have been having conversations with various students throughout the past several weeks, about this very message. Trying to convey the importance of treating one another fairly and doing what is right because God calls us to do such. Reiterating Fr. Bob's messages in his homilies about asking God to help us to be the person He wants for us to be and to love him and others in doing so.
Saturday, we will have our first Family Fun Game Night in the Social Hall. It will be an evening of food, fellowship, and fun, completely free to enjoy! I love playing board games and have grown to appreciate doing such with my now adult children and my personal friends, whenever possible. I hope that you will join us this Saturday. Bring a favorite board game and the desire to mix and mingle with your child's classmates and their families. It is sure to bring some laughter and joy into all of our lives!
Yours In Christ,
Rita M. Klenk