From the Principal's Desk (12/10/21)

Dear Parents,
This week we attended Mass on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Fr. Bob spoke to us about Mary and the important role she played in the life of Jesus. He talked about how when the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and asked her to say "Yes" to God's request to carry and be mother to Jesus, that she at first believed herself unworthy. After being told that this was God's will for her, she said she would do as He asked of her. Because Jesus loves his mother as we love our mothers, we as Catholics, pray to Mary to ask her son to help us to choose the right path and to live a life of discipleship. Mary loves us as she loves her son Jesus and she wants what is best for each of us.
In school, we as teachers, try to steer our students in the right direction, both spiritually and academically. We challenge them to live by God's commandments and to treat others fairly and justly. We encourage each student to use his/her God given talents for the good of all and we try our best to nurture those individual gifts.
As we prepare for midterms, parties, the end of the marking quarter and the beginning of our Christmas break, may we continue to take time to prepare ourselves for Christmas, by acknowledging all that God has done for us and to share that joy with others both near and far, in our own homes, and especially with those who need a kind word, a simple smile, or a helping hand during this Advent season.
Have a wonderful weekend! I hope to see all of you at our Live Nativity tonight.
Yours In Christ,
Rita M. Klenk