From the Principal's Desk (11/5/21)

Dear Parents,
We started off this week with the parade of saints on Monday. What a fine sight to see with the procession of altar servers and the parade of saints! The students in grades
K-3 attended a short saints play put on by some of our seventh graders. It was wonderful to hear about all of the different lives of the various saints. Monsignor Haut spoke to us about how God calls all of us to be saints. God knows that we are all different and walk different paths in life but can love and serve Him and others through our unique gifts and talents. Simply through an act of kindness, we can change the lives of others.
On Tuesday, we started practices for our upcoming elementary school Christmas program. The students are learning sign language for some of the songs. Seeing the fifth graders helping the younger students always brings me joy.
Today, members of the ASTRA Club and I went to Catholic Charities and helped to bag up items that will go into their Thanksgiving Baskets. These baskets will be given out on November 18th, to families in our Columbia County community. Our School and Church donated over 1,000 pounds of food towards these baskets!
In a couple of weeks, we will have our Angel Tree up at the Church, and ASTRA Club will shop for several of the wish list items on the tree. We will donate our Dollar Dress Down money collected on November 23rd, to purchase some of the items.
As we are a community of prayer, I ask that you keep our middle school Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Stewart, her family, and her husband in your prayers.
Make time to cherish and appreciate the blessings of family, as we gear up for a busy holiday season.
Yours In Christ,
Rita M. Klenk