From the Principal's Desk (11/24/21)

Dear Parents,
This coming Sunday will mark the beginning of the Advent season in the Catholic Church. "The Advent season is a time of preparation that directs our hearts and minds to Christ's second coming at the end of time and to the anniversary of Our Lord's birth on Christmas." (www.usccb.org)
The four weeks leading up to Christmas allow us time to reflect and prepare spiritually. Marked by the familiar advent wreath comprised of four candles, each representing a week in time ( three purple and one pink) and the nativity scene, we anticipate the celebration of Jesus' birth.
We here have been preparing for the season with a multitude of activities- the upcoming Christmas program on December 3rd, the Live Nativity on December 10th, and the students discussion and creation of their own advent wreaths and calendars in the classroom with Sr. Philomina, to name a few.
Our December retreats for grades K-8 will be Advent themed; our schoolwide Reconciliation service on December 9th will allow us to take an inventory of our own lives and how we can be better in what we say and what we do. Catholic students in grades 3-8, will have the opportunity to go to Confession on that day.
As we find ourselves swept up in the "hustle and bustle" of the season in the weeks ahead, let us remember to give the greatest gifts: our time, our faith, and our love for others, amidst the holiday festivities and shopping.
Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the long weekend with your family.
Yours In Christ,
Rita M. Klenk