From the Principal's Desk (11/12/21)

Dear Parents,
This week I visited several of the classes and asked them what the meaning of "Thanksgiving" was. Most of the children said it meant "giving thanks". I asked them who/what they were thankful for. A lot of them answered things like "Mom", "Dad" siblings, pets, God, Jesus....Some mentioned "food", "shelter", "life". I was happy to see that I didn't get answers like "my phone", "my PlayStation", etc. Truth be told, I led with asking them if they knew what the saying "glass half full versus glass half empty" meant. When the majority of kids including fifth and sixth graders did not know what that meant, I felt a bit dated, but I persisted and proceeded to tell them what it meant. I talked about how we see or perceive something often dictates how we feel in a given moment of time. I told them that all of us, me included, will have moments in our lives where we want to immediately see the negative side of a situation versus the positives that may exist as well. It is at these times I told them, that we reach crossroads in our decision making. I challenged them to try seeing the "glass half full" in times when they may want to complain or point out the negatives.
With us reaching the half way point of the second marking quarter, I encourage you to sit down with your child and talk about how they are doing, ways in which they can continue to be successful, or to become more successful in their schoolwork, and to embrace life with an attitude of kindness, generosity and joyfulness.
Here's to four and half more weeks of much learning, much sharing, much hope and the anticipation of the start of the Advent season and the celebration of Christ's birth.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Yours In Christ,
Rita M. Klenk