From the Principal's Desk (10/29/21)

Dear Parents,
This week the faculty, staff, and students enjoyed a fun week of themed activities for Red Ribbon Week. Students and parishioners donated an entire pallet of food for the Catholic Charities Thanksgiving Baskets. I am so proud of everyone!
You could tell that the Fall Fest and Halloween weekend is finally here as the kids have been excitedly talking about their costumes and the anticipation of Trunk and Treat tonight.
Today, the Pre-Algebra class and I visited and read to the Kindergarten class and First graders. It is always great to see the excitement they exude when listening to a good book. With so many book selections in the class libraries and that many more in the School Media Center, I encourage you to read with your students in the primary grades and to have your older students read daily. The knowledge gained, the development of vocabulary, and the ability to comprehend and answer questions about what they are reading is so important to their ongoing learning and academic success.
Monday, we will celebrate Mass for All Saints Day. Selected students from each grade level will dress as the grade level's classroom saint. In the afternoon, grades K-3 will be treated to a short saints play, by several students in the seventh grade. Students in all of the grade levels have been working on projects and essays on the lives of various saints for the past few weeks. What wonderful examples and role models these men and women are for all of us. Each saint is so different in the life he/she lived. As Fr. Bob has said, it reminds all of us that we are called to be saints in our own lifetime.
I hope to see you tonight at the Fall Fest!
Have a safe and enjoyable weekend.
Yours In Christ,
Rita M. Klenk