From the Principal's Desk (10/15/21)

Dear Parents,
Today, the students are receiving their first report card of the school year and next week, we will administer their quarterly STAR Reading and Math assessments. Both of these reports give you an overview of your student's progress thus far. It allows you to sit down with your student and take an inventory of his/her work and study habits, how much time he/she spends at home reviewing, studying, reading and memorizing necessary facts and skills to reach his/her learning potential. If you see areas that your student is struggling with, I encourage you to come up with a plan that may allow for more time, preparation, and conversation with the teacher, along with encouraging your child that he/she IS capable and can learn new skills.
Fr. Bob spoke to the students yesterday at Mass, about two things: the acceptance of the life that God has intended for each one of us and the need to recognize that none of us are perfect. Each of us is unique and special and has gifts and talents. Realizing that we do and will continue to make mistakes in life, and that God will forgive us, should lend itself to beginning anew, and we should extend that same courtesy to others. He talked about thankfulness to God for all that we do have, and ways in which we can share that love and generosity with everyone.
So, as we progress through the second marking quarter, may we all see the opportunity to grow and learn, and to say "Yes" to God, as we move forward in our day to day lives.
Have a restful weekend.
Yours In Christ,
Rita M. Klenk
"Let nothing disturb you, nothing frighten you; all things are passing; God only is changeless."
- St. Teresa of Avila