From the Principal's Desk (09/24/21)

Dear Parents,
Yesterday, we experienced one of the great joys of Fall, the cooler, breezy weather! The students were happy, the faculty was in great spirits and we all welcomed the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the day.
I have been peeking my head into the different classrooms and have been watching them play and engage in various hands on activities the past few weeks. The chatter surrounding a group assignment or simply the joy of some free time to play with Legos, cups, games, etc. has been great. On rainy days, Mrs. Jourdain has had the kids in the library for PE. She allows them to play board games, card games and Twister. I am amazed when some indicate that they have never really played Uno or Monopoly, Scrabble, Checkers, etc.
Growing up we played a lot of games in our family. We would often get new games for Christmas or our birthdays. My own three children grew up learning how to read the directions to a game and would then play with the family and friends. While they were involved in sports, dance, robotics, and other clubs, they still had opportunities to play these games. In fact, we still play games in our family when my "children" who are all in their twenties now, are home for a visit; we like to play Catan. It gives us a chance to talk and laugh, as I watch the competitive spirit of each of my three "kids" come out in various ways. We can simply gather around the table for a couple of hours and enjoy each other's company, free from technology and the busyness of our normal work days.
With family life so scheduled and tied to outside commitments, it is great to take an occasional step back and relax. I encourage you to find a few games that your children would enjoy playing with you and to find some time, a few times a month, to simply play games and chat. You will learn a lot from each other doing so, and the memories you create will be long lasting. As the days grow shorter and the cooler weather allows for you to sit outside around a firepit (one of my favorite things to do), come up with some fun games to play and maybe enjoy a delicious toasted marshmallow or some smores in good measure.
Have a fantastic start of Fall weekend.
Yours In Christ,
Rita M. Klenk